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Sheng Kee began in Taipei, Taiwan In order to support her family.? Mrs. Kao,? the matriarch of the family, began a bakery called ”Sheng Kee” which means “For a Living”, because that was exactly what it was! But her cakes & pastries were so good that they quickly caught on and her small bakery became large and famous. Folks would travel for miles to taste her cakes because they were made with very special ingredients. Only the finest from around the world were used to create these delicious cakes and people knew that. They knew it in the taste and in the quality.

Her kids grew up and decided to carry on the tradition. As a matter of fact, one son studied under the direction of some of the finest bakery chefs from the Hyatt Regency and Hilton Hotels! Today you can find this very special bakery right in your own backyard. The finest ingredients are still used. We still search around the world and bring you things such as rich chocolate from Denmark, creamy butter from south of france, fresh and tangy fruit fillings from germany-THAT HASN’T CHANGED!

We take a lot of pride in our cakes, pastries and bread becaus we have a lot of pride invested - 40 years worth!